Clash of Clans Builder Update: – The World beyond boundaries

Clash of Clans is such an addictive game. I am playing it since it was released in 2012. But as the time passed by I started wondering that what the world outside my village would look like. Looks like Supercell has provided the answer to my curiosity with its new Clash of Clans Builder Update. Now you are able to see the world outside your own village.

The new Clash of Clans Update called the Builder Base Update has given the Clash of Clans lovers following new features: –

  1. 1 vs 1 Battle Mode.
  2. More abilities for buildings like Archer tower.
  3. New character abilities.
  4. Added new troops.
  5. New Unlockable Hero.

With these added features, the Clash of Clans game is now spiced up. The best part about this update is that now we can sail to other abandoned villages and can set up our own village there. When we go on our first sail and set up a new village our troops get some new abilities. Let’s share some more details about the Clash of Clans Builder Base Update.

PROS and CONS of the Clash of Clans Builder Base Update

Every coin has two facets. So, we are going to discuss about both. The most obvious benefit of introducing this new update is that there is something new to work on in this 4 years old game. I mean it was kind of getting boring watching that same troops, same buildings and same defences. Now with this update the Clash of Clans is like a brand-new game. Then you have the 1vs 1 battle which is quite awesome and opens a whole new

On the other hand, the con of this update is that it’s like starting over the game again. New land, new troops everything all over again. So, it kind of feels boring at start but it’s definitely going to be very exciting afterwards. Then you have limited number of attacks which sucks if you were a pro and looted all day in the old coc game. The last thing that you would want to see in a head to head game is a draw. So, some cons are there in this new update but overall, we could say that SuperCell has freshen things up again.

The Awesomeness of the Builder Base Update

So, I told you about the pros and cons of this new update. We understand that there are some downsides of this update but we should not forget about some of these points: –

  1. You don’t have to spend resources in order to train your troops.
  2. You don’t lose any resources if you get attacked.
  3. Free Attacking!

What people think generally is that they have to start it all over again. This is not true. From your previous experience you tend to think that the new village will require too much of your dedication all over again. This is not the case with the builder base update. You don’t have to put too much attention to it. Just have 1-2 regular 1 vs 1 battle, collect resources from mine and collectors, Builder and Star laboratory should remain busy. That’s it. Look at this update as a mini-game inside COC and which you can play when you get bored of the mainstream gameplay.


So, we discussed quite a lot about the Clash of Clans Builder base update. It’s good or bad we leave it on you to decide. What we can definitely say that it’s going to freshen things up. It’s been more than 4 years since the release of Clash of Clans. This game has never disappointed us. I hope that people get used to this new update as soon as possible. I see this update as a mini-game inside the old classical COC game. It is surely going to attract some more gamers towards it with this new update.

This game has given us lots of fun and we hope that it keeps giving us more and more fun with its new update. On this note we end our post on the Clash of Clans Builder Base update. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.