Super Mario Run : Game Review

Super Mario Run : A chase for hidden coins and high scores

Well the most popular Plumber is back and this time with a new game. The Super Mario Run makes you feel right at home with its easy controls. Just like the previous versions of this game series, the Super Mario Run game has become a craze in gamers even before its release. The Super Mario run has stood up to the standards of Mario Series. The Super Mario run has this interesting feature of hidden coins which will make you come back again and again to the last level you played in search of more coins. The game has been designed really nicely. The best part about the game is that it is automatic runner. You just need to control some basic movements. You can play this game by using only one hand. Let’s talk about its graphics and game play in detail.

Super Mario Run : Graphics

The 2D graphics are still ruling the Mario Series. Actually now it will not be wrong to say that the 2D is the benchmark of Mario Series. But it’s a great example to those people who thinks that a good game needs good graphics. The Super Mario Run has average graphics. Obviously, what can you expect in a 2D game? But given that Mario Run is a 2D game the game has really good graphics. The bright colors used in the game gives a sense of¬†positivity and fun this series has. I will give 3 out of 5 Stars to the game on the factor of its graphics. But still for a 2D game i would say that it is a good rating. Well if you are looking o get easy coins in the Super Mario Run game you can visit to get your free unlimited coins.

Super Mario Run : Game play

The game play of Super Mario Run is much¬† better than its previous games. The best par being the automatic runner. You can literally play Super Mario Run with a single hand.But the automatic run sometimes feels as a limitation to the movement of Mario as we can not stop him. Also the levels are shorter. But the way in which you can make Mario jump, bounce off walls, and spin attack enemies in mid-air with a simple tap of the screen feels great, not limiting. The game is an great adventure from beginning to the end of the game. Your main motive in this game is to find hidden coins and collect them. These coins can be used to build your own Mushroom kingdom later on. But finding those coins are not at all easy and you will need to visit the level again and again. As fun as Run’s levels can be, they are undoubtedly short and easy, and it’s not hard to finish all of them in less than two hours if you simply aim for the finish line. I will give the Super Mario Run’s game play 4 out of 5 stars.

Super Mario Run : The Final Verdict

The game really deserves your storage space. I would say that this is a must play. The game is not totally about finding the coins, when you are tired of collecting coins you can make your own Mushroom kingdom in the kingdom builder mode. You can also try the Toad Rally Mode. This game is totally a fun game to play I will suggest each every game lover to try this awesome game.

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