Man Steals $5 Million From Work, Spends a Million on Game of War

Game of War : Spending a million dollar on in-game resources

What would you do if you got $1 Million to spend? May be buy your dream car. May be buy a tech device that you were craving to have. But this guy spent $1 Million on a game. A man from Rocklin, California pleaded guilty to embezzling approximately $5 million from his workplace, $1 million of which was spent on “player fees for an online video game.” Game of War as we know is an amazing game and some players are crazy for that game. But spending a million on game and game resources is just a foolish thing. Why waste so much money on games when you can always use our Game of War hack from our site just seach “Game of war hack” in the search bar on the top right corner. The man also purchased ‘luxury cars’, home furniture and NFL football seasons ticket.

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The man was working as the company’s accounting manager. According to attorney office he was also involved in a money laundering scheme so that he can hide where the stolen money was coming from. The man will be sentenced and will get a 20 year jail and $2,50,000 as a fine. You can read detailed news about the case here.

You don’t actually need to spend money on in-app purchases

Well it’s totally foolish to spend your “hard-earned money” on game resources. That’s why we at make these amazing tools and hacks so that you can play your favorite games with out going into jail. So, stay tuned for more hacks and cheats and till then control the urge of stealing money to spent it on the your favorite game. You can comment down in the comments section of this page about which game would you like to be hacked next. So, comment down below we would really like to hear from you. Thank you for reading.

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